Terms of Service

True Health Labs / DirectDx Terms of Service (TOS)

We welcome you to True Health Labs / DirectDx.net (“THL” “DDX” “we” “our” “us”). THL provides its licensed member clinicians and the organization said clinician represents (“clinicians” “you” “your” “I”) with access to major and specialty laboratory services at lower costs.

THL does not require a membership fee and there are no annual fees or minimum ordering requirements to participate. Accounts can be terminated at any time for any reason.

Signing Up

These Terms of Service and Privacy Agreement will govern our relationship and are a contract governed solely by Georgia law. Our service (Quest Diagnostics and Labcorp) is not available in NY, NJ, MA, or RI. Only clinicians who practice in and are licensed in MA may use DirectDx.net for Labcorp and Quest testing. Testing restrictions for other labs will be posted in the test’s descriptions. Members who practice in CA cannot upcharge lab tests due to CA law.


You must maintain a valid credit card on file prior to ordering lab tests. You may incur a per patient phlebotomy charge at the draw site/facility, in addition to the costs of each test ordered (especially if they are drawing for a specialty lab test kit). The phlebotomy charge is added to your bill and not collected at the draw station (LabCorp and Quest) for tests they run (not kits from specialty labs). Your credit card will be charged when the test results and receipt are transmitted to you. Charges are itemized by the patient and will appear on your emailed receipt or fax cover sheet. Further, in the event that your credit card on file is declined, you agree and authorize THL to attempt to charge your credit card until all unpaid transactions are satisfied. In the event your credit card is declined, THL reserves the right to suspend your lab testing privileges or terminate your THL account completely. You also agree to pay your bill in full on the 1st and 15th of each month or risk the balance being submitted to collections. Billing dates can change at any time and we will notify you of that change.

You must maintain current contact information, credit card information, and professional license information with THL. You may send a Cancel Membership email to [email protected] to terminate your lab testing privileges with THL, but in any event, the remainder of these Terms of Service will remain in effect until all outstanding invoices are paid.

THL does not own or control any entity that interprets results or sells nutritional products or drugs. THL does not offer interpretations of laboratory results. I understand that THL does not accept insurance or file insurance claims and that I am ultimately responsible for all aspects of the care and well-being of my patients.

I agree to follow the Basic Ordering Instructions and complete all forms according to THL guidelines for both paper and electronic requisitions, and if I do not, my membership may be suspended or terminated at the sole discretion of THL. I assume all financial responsibility for the costs of testing ordered by me regardless of when testing occurs.

Miscellaneous Terms:

I understand by creating an account and using THL services that I am a licensed healthcare practitioner that, by my state law, is able to order laboratory tests.

I understand and agree I am the treating physician and that THL and the doctors employed who order the tests are considered the ordering physician. THL has no doctor/patient relationship with any of the treating physician’s patients.

I understand that THL / DDx service is for licensed practitioners to order tests for patients that I have an official doctor/patient relationship with. If you want to promote our lab tests to visitors to your website (non-patients), you can sign up for our affiliate program and/or refer those viewers to truehealthlabs.com.

I agree to report all required laboratory results and patient information to the appropriate public health authorities (e.g. HIV, Lyme disease, COVID-19, etc.) when deemed. THL / DDX is not responsible for the neglect of this action. I understand that THL / DDX will not complete this action for me.

I agree to appropriately contact patients with critical test results. I understand that THL / DDX will not complete this action for me. THL / DDX is not responsible for the neglect of this action.

By using THL, I affirm that I am a licensed healthcare practitioner with the legal ability to order laboratory tests. I agree to advise THL of any changes in my license status, office address, phone number, billing information, or credit card information within a reasonable time period or sooner as required by these Terms of Service or law. I represent that my license is good and valid each time I request lab testing from THL. I also represent that my license authorizes me to perform the testing I request from THL and that I will comply with all laws associated therewith. I will follow all laws and rules governing the use of laboratory work as determined by my licensing board. I further agree that I understand THL provides an administrative service for me. As such, THL does not make any representations or warranties as to the results of any lab tests or the efficacy of any courses of treatment. All responsibility for the well-being and care of my patients is borne by me. I hereby represent to THL that I have obtained all proper authorizations required by law from the patient before using the services offered by PCS and I accept all responsibility for any acts or omissions resulting therefrom. I hereby agree to defend and hold THL harmless for my errors and omissions related thereto. I also agree to indemnify, defend and hold THL harmless for any act or omissions resulting from my negligence in following the terms of this agreement or in the treatment of my patients. I represent that I have read, signed, and returned the Business Associate Privacy Agreement. Finally, I understand that not all services are available in NY, NJ, MA, or RI.

You understand that any reflex testing conducted will be billed to your account.

You understand that THL uses cookies and tracking information for marketing and administrative purposes.

You understand and acknowledge that THL uses Google’s Invisible reCAPTCHA program to mitigate web bots. Acknowledging this also means that you agree to Google’s reCAPTCHA’s terms of service and privacy policy.


THL and I agree that any claim or dispute arising among THL and I, or against any agent, employee, successor, or assign of the other, whether related to this agreement or otherwise, and any claim or dispute related to this agreement or the relationship or duties contemplated under these Terms of Service, shall be resolved in the state or federal courts of Cobb County, Georgia. I hereby expressly waive jurisdiction and venue in any other court. This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia.