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  • After registering, simply search for the biomarkers or select the specific lab. You can also create custom panels for your most frequently run labs.

  • You can draw the sample in-house, use our upcoming nationwide mobile phlebotomy service, or in most instances send patients to a local patient service center.

    If you are ordering kits from one of our specialty lab partners, we will mail the test kit directly to your office or to your patient.

  • Results are securely added to your account the day they are reported. We will notify you when they are ready to be downloaded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! On your dashboard, click "My Panels" then "Create New". You can mix and match any lab tests to create a custom panel.

Test results can be found under the "Testing" tab in the navigation menu. You can see the progress of your orders and download them from there.

Your credit card that is stored securely in Braintree's vault system, is billed when you submit your order. If you decide not to run the test or need to modify the order, contact us at

Yes. Certain labs are prohibited in certain states. Only clinicians who reside and are licensed in MA can use our service in MA. Most all specialty labs are only restricted in NY. Click the info button at the bottom right of each test to review any restrictions.

In order to provide the lowest possible pricing, DirectDx is a cash-only service and cannot be used for insurance reimbursement.

Contact us at 1-888-283-4741 or send an email to and we will fix the issue.

Yes. Any test that requires a medical procedure must be performed in office. You can also review any restrictions by visiting that laboratory's website.

Yes, however, you must contact us at 1-888-283-4741 in order to do so.