Affordable Lab Tests For Patients

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1: Create an Account

Once you have created an account, you can start ordering affordable. lab tests for your patients

2: Choose Lab Tests

We are a one-stop shop for lab testing. We support all the major labs and many speciality labs. If you can't find a certain test, let us know and we'll get it for you.

3: Sample Collection

Send your patient to a local draw center or collect the sample in office.

4: Test Results

Once the samples are processed, we will send you a secure email with your patient test results.

  • From our Community of Doctors

    I can finally get my uninsured and high deductible patients labs cash labs that are affordable.

    Dr. Jenny Royal
  • From our Community of Doctors

    No longer are my patient getting ripped off by their insurance company or hospital for labs. DirectDX is easy form me and inexpensive for my patients.

    Dr. Steve Bott
  • From our Community of Doctors

    I don’t have to battle with my patient’s insurance company anymore. Labs that were costing my patients thousands are now a fraction of that. Every healthcare practitioner should be using this service

    Dr. Stacie Roberts
  • From our Community of Doctors

    I like to go beyond just diagnosing disease and look into root causes of ill health. Having access to functional lab tests along with standard tests is amazing. Thanks DirectDX.

    Dr. Peter Lawson